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Great Books By New Authors

One of the best things about being an author is the new ‘author-friends’ I’m making along the journey. I have the privilege of reading new books by undiscovered authors, and I wanted to share that with you!

In my new shop, I have featured two amazing Christian writers whose books have impacted my life in the last year. One is for grown-ups, one for children.

For Grown-ups:

The Healing by Joy Margetts is a great read. It’s set in the 12 Century and various Abbeys throughout France and Wales. To be honest, I’m not interested in monks at all, but actually that didn’t matter. I was pulled into the story and the lives of the main characters. Joy has woven lessons from her own life into the chapters, giving an authentic touch, and uses the stories and backgrounds of the people they meet in their journey to add even more depth.

This book would be great for a small group to work through and discuss, or for individuals to read.

‘Were you afraid on the ship?’ ‘Honestly? Yes. Fear in itself is a normal human reaction. You would expect to feel fear every time you entered a battle?’ He glanced over a Philip, who nodded in response. ‘I was afraid, but I have learned to do the things God requires me to do, even when I feel fear. He promises to ride the storm with me, every time.’ He continued, ‘I prayed the whole time that God would help me, to not let my fear become greater than the faith I had in Him to keep us safe. My mind was eventually able to find a degree of peace, unlike my stomach.’ He smiled wryly.

For Young People:

As a writer, my biggest desire is that the people who read my books are drawn into a world of knowing Jesus better. This is also the desire of Karen Rosario Ingerslev. She wants to show young people that life with Jesus is anything but cheesy. Personally, I love her Celery Brown books, which encourage children that Jesus can be experienced in a very real way, and they challenge me to go deeper with God too.

So, if you enjoyed The Treasure Man and are looking for more books which are unashamedly Christian for young teenagers, please check out Celery Brown. This is the first of a growing series of books. Later books in the series can be found at on-line retailers, or ask for them at your local Christian Bookshop.

‘Well, what do you want to know?’ ‘You know, God stuff. Like, have you ever flown with an angel? Or swam in the river of life? And what’s your favourite thing about heaven?’ I roll my eyes. ‘I’ve never been to heaven!’ ‘You’ve never been to heaven?’ I may as well have said I’d never seen the sea. She shakes me by the shoulders. ‘Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go!’

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