What the important people thought

The Treasure Man

S, age 9

K, age 7

B, age 4

I loved this book! It is very beautiful and touching. It is also heartwarming and I loved how the author used the words to describe everything and it was like I was standing there, watching it all happen before my eyes! I would recommend it to everyone!

Siobhan, age 12

The Treasure Man book was a birthday present. I just finished reading this beautiful story. It has helped me to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit like it did for Sienna ( the main character). This is a very heart warming story and I highly recommend this book for anyone! Joy Vee is a truly talented writer and I hope she will write more stories!
Listening to the Holy Spirit and seeing God’s treasure in people is an incredible thing.
Thank you, Joy Vee, for making this inspirational book. I loved it!

Jemima, age 11