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Benaiah and the Kindness Tree

Parents' and Educators' Resources 

Benaiah and the Kindness Tree has been specifically developed to use in schools or home-educating settings to help children develop habits of gratitude and kindness.

To support you, we have developed some resources that are free for you to use. Scroll down to see them.

Please get in touch if you have ideas of how we can improve these resources.

Also, please email me at if you would like to discuss purchasing a Classroom Set of books at a discounted price.

Parents' and Educator's Resources

Colouring Pages
Enjoy your favourite moments with these colouring pages. Click on the image to download.

Colouring page 1_edited.jpg
Colouring page 2_edited.jpg
Colouring page 3_edited.jpg

I Spotted You Being Kind Pages
Take a moment to celebrate a child's kindness with these tokens. Available in colour or black and white. Click on the image to download.

I spotted you worksheet colour_edited.jpg

Leaf Template

Print out the template and create your own Kindness Tree! You could use it to remember kind things you have done, or kind things done to you, or things to be grateful for. Click on the image to download.

Leaf template_edited.jpg

Parents' Questions

A sheet of helpful questions to let you and your child dig into the story and the feelings it stirs up. Click on the image to download the full sheet.

parents questions.jpg

Key Stage 1 Worksheets

These worksheets help children personally apply the lessons of kindness and gratitude. Available in colour or black and white. Click on the image to download.

Kind things worksheet colour_edited.jpg
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