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Love From Sienna


Sienna is on a Mission! Her mum has to work long hours for an unfair boss, and Sienna is determined to make her life easier. Despite all her careful planning, none of her ideas work out as she’d hoped.

As Sienna learns to listen to God, through reading the Bible and journaling, she begins to see the world differently. When she is challenged on her unhealthy attitude, she begins a journey of learning to forgive.


But just when Sienna thinks she understands forgiveness, she overhears something that turns her world upside down.

With guided questions at the back relating to the story, this book is perfect to read with friends and family as you explore forgiveness together.


Background Story

Joy grew up in in Lincoln, in the East of England. Since the age of 18, she has had over 20 homes, living in Ukraine, Russia and now back in the UK. All of this travelling has given her a heart for missions, which continues in her work teaching English to refugees and asylum seekers. She now lives in Motherwell, Scotland, with her husband and 2 teenage children.

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Sienna has never noticed the homeless man near her house, until she begins to understand how precious we all are to God. With her eyes opened, she and her younger brothers, together with their mum, seek to strike up a friendship with this treasure man .

As Sienna learns to pray for him, and is encouraged at Kids Church to listen to the Holy Spirit, she discovers God speaking in the most surprising ways. But when a big step of faith has unexpected consequences, can she learn to trust God even when she doesn t understand what He is doing?

With guided questions at the back relating to the story, this is perfect to read with friends and family as you explore listening to God together.

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Alan Hoare – retired pastor, Bible teacher and author

"Joy’s book about Sienna and her family is beautiful. It draws you in the story, and it gets you fully involved as it unfolds. I found myself close to tears on a number of occasions. In this story, the children get to fully understand the love that God has for them, and for the unfortunate ones around them, and then they demonstrate it."