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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Sienna's downstairs doing crochet, so I thought I’d come and talk to you.

I want to tell you all the fun stuff we have been doing with Uncle Matt.

We did a treasure hunt, where every clue was a riddle – sometimes it was maths, sometimes words, sometimes pictures. It was really good. The prize at the end was a light puppet show in the garden. It was so much fun. We each got to make up a story with four characters. And we used the torches, with paper bits cut out to make shapes, to look like people and animals. My story was the best.

Sometimes we talk in a made-up language that isn’t real, but we pretend it is. I think I’d like to learn another language. Maybe I’ll do French at Big School.

On Saturday we went to the park. We found lots of sticks and leaves and fur-cones. Uncle Matt taught us how to wind them all together to make an Autumn Wreath. We made 3, one for our house, one for Alison and one for Mrs Smith. We wanted to take Alison’s to her house, but none of us realised how far it was, and we were REALLY late getting home. Mum was very cross. We'd put the wreath on our front door without her seeing it, and she was really upset with Uncle Matt until she saw the wreath yesterday, and the one of Mrs Smith’s door. Then she calmed down a bit.

Uncle Matt doesn’t know Jesus, and sometimes he uses bad words when we are out. I had to stop Theo repeating one of them yesterday on Kid’s Church Zoom! Can you imagine how bad that would’ve been? I’ve asked Uncle Matt not to use bad words around Theo, but sometimes they come out when he is not thinking!

We have loads of adventures planned. At the weekend, Uncle Matt said he would take us to new park, where there is loads of mud and trees. We are going to take our light-sabers, and have fights. He's also going to help us decorate Mum's bedroom with fairy lights, so the girls can have a girly space. I'm really excited. I haven't had this much fun in a very long time!

I can hear Sienna coming upstairs - I'm going to post this now, before she can stop me!!

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