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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Sienna said I could take over again, since I did such an amazing job last week, and more people read my post than hers. (She says they didn’t but when I checked the numbers, they had!)

We keep having lots of fun with Uncle Matt. We went to a different park on Saturday and got totally messy. It was great, until we lost Theo for 10 whole minutes (although it felt a lot longer). I thought he was with Uncle Matt, and Uncle Matt thought he was with me. We had split up to walk around some buildings we found in the wood, and when we joined up again, we saw that Theo wasn’t with anyone. We were both really scared. We started shouting Theo, but there was no response. We raced around the buildings to see it there were any holes that Theo could’ve climbed into. We looked in the bushes. He was just nowhere. Uncle Matt was using some very bad words. I suggested we stop and ask Jesus. Uncle Matt said some not nice things about Jesus, which I chose to forgive him for, since he doesn’t know Jesus properly. I asked Jesus to show us where Theo was and keep him safe. Suddenly I had a thought. I felt like we should go back to the beginning, where we had first split up. I told Uncle Matt and we went back there. I still couldn’t see Theo, and I felt scared.

‘What does Jesus say now?’ asked Uncle Matt. I could tell he wasn’t being kind, but it did remind me to ask Jesus what to do again. I felt that Theo could hear us, so I shouted, ‘Theo, this isn’t a game. We are scared. We can’t find you. You need to come out now.’ We heard a little scuffling, and out of the inside of a tree, a little face peeked out.

‘Really? S’not Hide and Seek?’ asked Theo.

Uncle Matt pulled him out and gave him a hug. ‘It’s not a game, we weren’t playing. We thought we’d lost you.’ I looked inside the tree. It was hollow inside, a dead tree, but I’d never have guessed to look in there!

Uncle Matt told us not to tell Mum, that she would be cross. I tried to tell him that she wouldn’t be cross because Jesus helped us find Theo, and we really shouldn’t keep secrets from Mum. But he was sure she would be angry and made us promise. Theo and I weren’t happy about it but we had to agree because Uncle Matt was angry. You see, we are a team, Mum, Sienna, Theo and me. We don’t keep secrets. All day yesterday I felt bad and wanted to tell Mum, but I promised. Then this morning, I had an idea.

So I’m not telling Mum – I’m just writing it in a blog.

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