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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

So, this is my last chance to blog until I am old enough to have a blog of my own. We’ve all really enjoyed blogging in lockdown. To be honest, we weren’t really looking forward to 4 weeks of not going out except for school, but actually it’s been OK. We got to meet Uncle Matt. It’s hard to remember that we hardly knew him 4 weeks ago, and now he is such an important part of our family. I think he is looking to move out after Christmas, because Sienna will need her room back, but I have really enjoyed doing more fun stuff.

At first, we were really disappointed that church shut down again, and we had to go back to Kid’s Church on Zoom. But it was really nice that Alison brought us the Advent Calendars and the notebooks with the verses in. I didn’t write much, sometimes I drew in mine – I think that’s OK, sometimes I can draw better than I can use my words. I liked having a Bible verse to think about everyday. It was like a little message from God every morning. I read my verse before I got up every single day (but don’t tell Sienna because she might feel bad – I don’t think she did it every day!).

So, what are we looking forward to about the end of lockdown? I’m just happy that Uncle Matt is staying longer. There’s nothing special I’m looking forward to. Sienna wants to go into town and see the Christmas lights. She wants to choose New Christmas Pyjamas in the shop, and get some chocolate for the Christmas tree. I think she wants to go into a book shop and ask at the counter, ‘Excuse me, could you order The Treasure Man, by Joy Vee?’ or even see it on the shelf – how cool would that be? We have the whole of December to get ready for Christmas.

What are you most looking forward to about lockdown ending?

Have you enjoyed my blog posts the most, or Sienna’s? (Mine, yeah?!)

Do you think my Auntie Joy should write a book about me? I think so!

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