DAY 9 - 13th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Feel like loads as happened in the last few days. Having Uncle Matt living here is so much fun. He has such great ideas and we seem to spend all our time laughing.

He came to pick us up from school today, and all the way home, we talked to each other in jibberish – a made up language! When we came out of school, he didn’t say hi, just started speaking funny. He pretended he didn’t understand when we spoke English, and then when Jack said some nonsense words, he laughed and replied, as though he understood what Jack was saying. It was so hilarious! I wish you could have seen the childminders’ face when we picked up Theo!

Today is Friday, and I have only read 2 of the verses that Alison gave us in Kid’s Church – so I thought I’d better do another one. This morning I read the next verse – Proverbs 3:27

“Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God’s hand for that person.”

I wrote ‘I don’t really have anyone to help, so I asked Jesus to help me notice someone to help. I’ll try to be extra careful noticing people today.’

When I went downstairs for breakfast, Mum was sitting at the kitchen table. She looked really sad. I sat with her and asked if she was OK. I could see she’d been crying. She told me that Uncle Matt didn’t have any money and didn’t have a job. I knew that, we had talked about it in our family meeting. Mum went on to explain that she would have to pay for Uncle Matt’s food and things he needs. He can't get benefits because he's been living abroad so long.

‘Sienna, Christmas may not be so special this year,’ Mum looked so sad.

‘But Mum, didn’t you always tell us that Christmas is about Jesus, not about presents? Well, this year we get to practise that a bit more than normal!’ I showed Mum the verse from today, and she gave me a hug and said I was her treasure.

Can I be honest? I feel a bit sad. I said those nice things so Mum wouldn’t be sad – but really I feel totally gutted! I love Christmas carols and thinking about Jesus, but I also love Christmas stockings and waking up and feeling a lumpy sock on the end of my bed with presents in. I love getting presents for the boys and wrapping them up with Mum. We put on Christmas music and it’s really special. I love Christmas food. I know it’s not important – but I want to make a gingerbread house, and have chocolates on the Christmas tree, and hot chocolate with candy canes. We always look forward to Christmas because Mum saves up all year to get those really nice things. If they are not there this year, it just feels so sad. 2020 has been hard enough – without missing out on Christmas too.

Jack just came in and told us that Uncle Matt had made a treasure hunt for us. (Perfect timing! Writing about my chat with Mum had made me feel all upset again!) He showed me the first clue - Here's a picture. Can you solve it??

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