DAY 8 - 12th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We are a quarter of the way through lockdown!

Last night, after I had written my blog, Mum called us downstairs for tea. The boys chatted happily with Uncle Matt. Jack was interested in how he got here from Poland. I told Uncle Matt about the band, and he said he could write out easy chords for Leah to play if we could decide on some songs.

After tea, Mum called a family meeting. Do you ever have those? We have them quite a lot! About everything! So Mum asked us how we would feel if Uncle Matt stayed with us over lockdown, until he could get out and get a job. Theo was very excited. He has a very big heart for a little boy. He loves people so much. Jack looked a little more concerned.

‘Where will he sleep? There really isn’t much room in the house?’

Mum looked at me. ‘I wondered if you, Sienna, wanted to share with you boys, or come in with me – like a sleepover – so Matt could have your room.’

I thought about all my stuff in my room, my clothes, my private hidden stuff in the corners, my comfy warm bed. Did I really want to share it? Not at all! It would be a real pain. But where else could he sleep? I remembered the verse from yesterday “Listen for God’s voice in everything you do.” I quickly said a prayer ‘God, what is your voice saying in this? What do I do?’ When I thought about my stuff again, it didn’t seem so important anymore. I thought about how Uncle Matt felt, with nowhere else to go, and nowhere to stay. We are his family – we really should make him feel at home.

‘OK,’ I smiled at Mum and Uncle Matt. ‘I can make up a little bed of duvets and blankets in the corner of your room, Mum. Uncle Matt, can you give me an hour to move my stuff out? I just need to ring Mrs Smith and tell her I don’t have time for a crochet lesson today.’

‘Crochet?’ sniggered Uncle Matt, and we all turned and looked at him with our serious faces. He stopped laughing.

‘Yes, crochet!’ I said. ‘I’m sure Mrs Smith can teach you, if you’d like to learn!’

‘Might pass this time, but, er, thanks.’

Mum winked at me.

‘No, Stop!’ Jack’s face was pale. ‘If Uncle Matt moves in, will we still be able to be in a bubble with Mrs Smith?’

Mum smiled and squeezed his hand. ‘Oh yes. She is still living alone, and I need to help her sometimes, so yes, she will still be in our bubble.’

‘Thanks Sis, Thanks kids.’ Uncle Matt looked relieved and half-way happy.

‘You’re welcome,’ called out Theo as I ran upstairs to start moving into Mum’s room.

I made a really cute den in the corner of Mum’s bedroom, and Theo got upset, because he wanted to sleep there instead.

I’m too tired to write much more, but there’s so much more to tell you. I think life will be quite different now Uncle Matt is here! Today he spent the evening teaching Jack and Theo how to use a homemade bow and arrow he'd made while we were at school.

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