DAY 6 - 10th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Mum seemed in a bad mood all yesterday evening. I tried to help out, making tea and clearing up, even the boys were quiet and behaved themselves. Whoever was on the phone had really upset her. She spent the evening texting someone and muttering under her breath. Not good signs at all.

Mrs Smith came over. She taught me the next step of crocheting. You have to wrap your wool (the real word is yarn, but I just call it wool) around the hook, put the hook through one of your chains, wrap the wool again, then pull the hook through two stitches, then through the next two stitches. So you are left with one. Then you do it again in the next chain. I have just read that back and now I feel very confused, but when Mrs Smith was showing me, it made sense. After you’ve done it a couple of times, your hand just kinda remembers where to go. I think I’m going to enjoy crocheting.

Still not sure what songs we are going to sing in our band. We spent all of break time today arguing about it. My friend Sophia wants to do pop songs, but Leah (who plays the guitar) can’t play any of them. It got a bit touchy. I think everyone is tired of the restrictions, and we are all just missing being normal. Surely there is something wrong when it’s illegal to hug your best friend. Everyone seems to be arguing or upset today.

Mum was still grumpy this morning, so before we went to breakfast club, I took the verse from yesterday off my wardrobe and put it in her coat pocket.

When she came to pick me up after school, she was looking happier – more like herself. She gave me a big hug and said she was sorry she had been upset. She thanked me for the verse and said she had forgotten to trust God from the bottom of her heart – that’s why she was angry. Now she has remembered again, and she is going to try not to be upset anymore.

That felt pretty good – so I wrote it down in my notebook! Still not sure what upset her so much though!

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