DAY 4 - 8th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We were woken up this morning by the sound of something heavy dropping through the letterbox. We all ran downstairs, Mum and I pulling on our dressing gowns. On the doormat were three advent calendars and three notebooks. The boys grabbed them, while Mum fumbled with the keys to open the door. As she opened the door, we saw Alison standing back near the road.

‘Alison!’ The boys were jumping up and down.

‘I’ve got you some advent calendars to count down to the end of lockdown,’ she laughed.

Jack grabbed Mum’s sleeve. ‘Does that mean I get TWO advent calendars this year? Twice the chocolate!’

‘What are the notebooks for?’ I shouted.

‘Will you be on zoom later?’ Alison called back. ‘You’ll find out then!’

Let me explain, now that we are in lockdown again, our church has gone back online – like it was in the first lockdown. We have a family service on Facebook Live, which is fun because Mum lets us write comments in the chat, and instead of Kid’s Church, we have a zoom call with Alison and some of the other leaders. It’s not as good as being together, not at all. But it’s better than nothing.

In our zoom call this morning, Alison asked us how we read our Bible. I thought that was a bit of a silly question. So did Jack. ‘Sometimes I read with my eyes, but then they get tired I use my toes!’ All of Jack’s friends laughed. They think he is so funny. I think they see him like a mini-superhero. His superpower is giving cheeky answers. Sometimes he gets into trouble, but most the time he makes people laugh.

‘Really, Jack? What special toes you have! Let me ask a different way. Where do you do your Bible reading?’

‘I do mine in my room,’ said my friend Mia. ‘I read a few verses everyday, and when I have finished a section, I ask Mum what I should read next.’

‘We usually read as a family, after breakfast, before school. Mum will read a few verses and then a little story or explanation from a book.’ Jack’s friend Noah explained.

It got me thinking that maybe we don’t do that in our family as much as we should. Sometimes over tea, Mum might try to read something, but we don’t really listen. I told Alison that most of my Bible reading comes from Kid’s Church. I think about the verses we've learned, talk them over with Mum and think about how I can use them in my own life, but I’m not very organised at reading my Bible. I don’t really know where to start – it’s so big.

‘This week you all have notebooks, don’t you?’ Jack and I held up the notebooks we had got that morning, and I noticed everyone else was holding up similar ones.

‘This week, I’m going to give you some scriptures to read, and I want you to read them three times, and then ask God what He wants to say to you in these verses. Write down any thoughts or pictures that come to your mind. It may be sensible, it might be funny, it might be a different scripture or a song. Spend two or three minutes writing down your thoughts. If you can, try to do it in the morning. Don’t worry if you can’t do it every day. Try to do it at least a couple of times.’

Alison showed us what she had done that morning, how she prayed, read a few verses a couple of times, and then she read out what she had written in her notebook. It seemed kinda normal to me. Like normal thoughts. But even that’s good, I suppose, taking time to think about God’s word. I’m going to start tomorrow morning.

Oh my, I have been writing all afternoon. Mrs Smith has just come round to give me my first crochet lesson. I have to go. Talk tomorrow. Bye.

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