DAY 21 - 25th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Honestly – today, I took a deep breath. I don’t know if any day could be described as a ‘happy’ day right now, but it feels like maybe things might get better soon. Mum explained that on the news they had said that the Lockdown would DEFINITELY finish next Wednesday, although we don’t know what tier we will be put in after that. I’m so relieved. Last time we had a three-week lockdown, it lasted for months, and I thought that would happen again.

I guess I am getting used to things not being normal. I've found everything much easier to deal with since discovering the ‘small potatoes’ verse in the Bible – I kinda haven’t read much of the Bible this week, because I’m still writing my thoughts down about that verse! Mum says that’s OK.

I like the idea that everything that is hard and difficult right now will not last forever. Not because COVID will go away, but because one day, Jesus will come back for us. I think spending forever with Jesus would be so much fun. Imagine climbing a mountain with Jesus, and him showing you the animals and birds He created there. Imagine having a running race with Jesus – maybe in heaven we will all be able to walk on water, we could have a race across a lake. Imagine having a camp-fire with Jesus, melting marshmallows with Him and listening to Him tell stories. How much fun would that be? When I think like that, everything that is difficult and frustrating and hard work now seems so unimportant.

The government also made an important announcement yesterday about Christmas. They said we could meet with three households over Christmas. That means we could have Alison over if she wanted, although Mum said she might be spending time with her family. We don’t have much family, it’s just us really. So, I never know quite how to feel at Christmas. Sometimes I think of my dad more at this time of year. There always seems to be adverts on tv with dads and their children being happy, and that makes me sad because I don’t know where my dad is.

My friend, Sophia, at school is part of a huge family. She has loads of cousins and everything. She was upset at school today because they can’t all go to Granny’s for Christmas. There are 4 family-groups, and the government said only 3 households can meet together. Sophia was so devastated. She says it won’t be a real Christmas if everyone isn’t there. I didn’t know what to say to her, so I just gave her a hug – then I remembered that was illegal, but no one saw and we didn’t get in trouble.

I wish I could help Sophia. I wish she knew Jesus, so we could talk about heaven together. But she just laughs if I try to talk about Jesus or Church. Last week she heard me whispering ‘Small Potatoes’ and laughed at me in front of everyone. It wasn’t very nice (and it didn’t feel like ‘small’ potatoes). But I was determined to try to forgive her quickly and thoroughly, like I had to forgive Jack last week. And today, when she was sad, I was sad with her and I think that helped her. The Bible is so full of practical help! I never realised until I started writing it down!

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