DAY 2 - 6th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I’m really excited – I need to slow down a little bit so I can explain it. My head is going too quick for my fingers!

Remember how last night I prayed about Christmas and my fear of not having presents (I know some people think that is a silly fear, but my teacher at school said no one can say our fears are silly. If we feel them, they're real and need to be acknowledged). When I woke up this morning, I was lying in bed, thinking about the things I want for Christmas, and Theo came in my room. He was holding a picture. He loves drawing, but he's only just turned four and his pictures aren’t very good. But this one was really special. He'd used loads of different colours and tried to draw so carefully. It was a picture of him and me under a sky filled with beautiful fireworks. (They were a bit wonky, because he is so little – but he used about 10 different colours). I could see he'd really made a special effort to make it.

“It’s beautiful, Theo”, I said.

“I wuv you, Sena!” Theo gave me a big hug and I nearly cried. I felt like someone had given me the most precious gift ever.

Suddenly I remembered that verse “Perfect love casts out all fear” and lots of thoughts fell into place really quickly. It’s taken me all day to sort through it in my mind, but here’s what I thought.

I was worried about Christmas presents, but Theo’s gift made me feel so loved and special, because he'd taken time and effort and made it specially for me.

Maybe I can do the same for other people. Maybe this year, instead of me waiting to get gifts from Santa and other people, maybe I can be ‘Santa’s Helper’ and make things for other people, so they feel loved. Maybe I could learn to crochet or knit, and make a new teacosy for Mrs Smith – she was saying the other day that she likes her tea really hot! Maybe I could bake cookies for Alison (Chocolate Chip ones, of course) and make a nice box for them. It won’t look as good as one from the shop, but it'll be special to Alison, because I made it with love.

I'm so excited about all the great things I could make for people. It's like the love I have for other people takes away my fear of missing out on gifts for me.

PS – I just had another thought, as I was typing this. When I think about special gifts and people making an effort to do something amazing, I realised I was forgetting the BEST gift – Jesus Himself!! He didn’t just make something nice for us, He came Himself. He left heaven and came to Earth, to show us the way to God. What a perfect gift!

Dear Jesus, thank you for coming – for being our Best Ever Christmas gift. Help me to understand it more and more, Amen.

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