DAY 18 - 22nd November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We had Kid’s Church on Zoom again today. It’s not the same, but I do like seeing everyone.

Alison asked us about reading aloud this week, and wrote down everything we said. After lots of talking we found that all of us found it more exciting to read the Bible out loud, it became easier to understand, and made our Bible reading more fun. Jack said it helped him remember the words better, and I told them about whispering ‘Small Potatoes’ at my problems and how that helped.

Alison said that if we look at all of those points, we can see that our faith has grown this week, through hearing the Word. The Bible has become more alive to us, and more part of our lives. That is really quite cool. I love it when Alison gives us God-experiments like that. I hope she thinks of more. It’s so much fun proving that the Bible is true, and it helps me to explain what I believe to my school friend, Sophia.

Alison talked a little bit about the verse we looked at yesterday, the one about the things we see and the things we can’t see. We wrote down a list of good things we can see, and bad things we can see around us. Alison said this includes the pandemic, because although we can’t see a virus, we can see lots of effects of it all around us. We each had very long lists. Then we went through our lists. We could read out something on our list, then all of us would say together ‘It’s not gonna last.’ We had a giggle at somethings. (Mia was happy with her new bike – and we all laughed when we shouted ‘It’s not gonna last’.) But then we started listing the bad stuff. Corona Virus – It’s not gonna last! Lockdown – It’s not gonna last! People being angry – It’s not gonna last! People being in danger – It’s not gonna last! (That one made me think about my new friend Khaled) People being sad and lonely – It’s not gonna last! I think we all need to hear that today. Do you need to read those things out loud?

Then we made a list of the things we can’t see. This included promises of Jesus and spiritual stuff, but also included more normal stuff. After we read out these things, we said ‘It’ll last forever’. Laughter – It’ll last forever. Heaven – It’ll last forever. Love – It’ll last forever. Friendship – It’ll last forever. Jesus – He’ll last forever. Peace from God – It’ll last forever. Purpose and destiny – They’ll last forever.

Wow – I feel so amazing and full of hope (which’ll last forever).

Uncle Matt heard us shouting and came into the room. He stood by the door and listened as Alison began to tell us a little bit about Heaven (which’ll last forever). After the Zoom, Uncle Matt asked me if I really believed all that stuff, and how did I know it was true. I told him some of Jamie’s story, and other ways God had proved to us that He really cared for us, and how real He was.

‘I thought faith was just believing in dreams,’ said Uncle Matt.

‘No, you can only have faith in something that is proved already – something true. If you go on an aeroplane, you “have faith” in the pilot, don’t you? That’s because the pilot has been to school, trained and proved himself. He’s not a dream. You’d be silly to believe in a dream pilot.’ We laughed a lot at that idea.

‘It’s the same with God – we “have faith” in Him because He has proved Himself so many times. We KNOW He is real, and He can be trusted.’ I continued.

‘He hasn’t proved Himself to me,’ mumbled Uncle Matt.

‘Have you asked Him?’ I said, trying not to sound cheeky. Uncle Matt looked uncomfortable.

‘It’s God bringed you here, to us,’ said Theo giving him a hug. ‘He must love you SO much!’

We all laughed, but I could see that Uncle Matt was thinking about it.

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