DAY 17 - 21st November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I finally decided on a tea cosy idea for Mrs Smith for Christmas, and I talked to Mum about my idea for Chocolate Chip cookies for Alison. Mum suggested the boys help make the box, since it sounds like I’m going to be really busy. I hadn’t thought how busy I am, but there is so much going on. I’m crocheting, thinking of ideas for Khaled’s family for the Lockdown Christmas Parcel, blogging, trying to read the Bible every day (almost every day) and write about it in my notebook, as well as normal homework and helping Mum around the house.

Uncle Matt has taken the boys out to one of the parks. It’s one we haven’t been to before. Uncle Matt told the boys to dress up in really old clothes that they can get muddy. They have taken their light-sabres and a picnic (although they called it ‘Jedi Food’). Mum gave Uncle Matt strict instructions to be back by 5pm, so the boys can have a bath before bedtime. I heard her telling Jack too – I’m not sure she fully trusts Uncle Matt yet!

Yesterday evening was unusual, we all sat down to watch Auntie Joy’s Book Launch on the computer. It was a little bit boring – just her and an old man talking (the boys went off to play after 5 minutes), but I stayed to listen. I found it interesting to hear how a little story she wrote for me last Christmas has become a book that people all over the world can read. Does that mean I am famous? Do you think they’ll make a movie? I hope lots of people buy the book, not just because it is about me. I think it will help people learn how to listen to God, like we listened to Him talk to us about Jamie. I hope it will help other people to go on God-adventures (as Auntie Joy calls them). Maybe she’ll write another one.

Today I’ve mainly been crocheting. It takes up a lot of time, but I am so good at it now, I can watch a Christmas movie as I am crocheting. I know it’s only November, but this year, surely it’s allowed. We might even put our Christmas tree up a week early this year. I wrote a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies, and I found an easy recipe for Christmas Yule log. I’m going to take that to school for Khaled’s family’s Christmas Parcel.

I think I’ll do one more Bible verse. I really enjoyed yesterday’s one about small potatoes. It really did help me to cope with everything. It was like whenever there was a problem, an angry moment or a frustration, I would whisper ‘small potatoes’ and it was almost like I could see the problem getting smaller. Maybe like I was being lifted above the problem. It seems strange to explain, but it was like calling the problem a small potato took away some of its power to ruin my day! I kinda like that. I really enjoy reading the scriptures Alison has written in our notebooks. Everyone should have an Alison in their live.

Today’s verse is a little bit deep (but she did write that we would talk about it more on Sunday). It’s from 2 Corinthians 4 again, this time verse 18. “There’s far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see now will last forever.”

Oooh, think I need to chat that one over with Mum. I’ve just read it out loud 3 times. It makes me feel excited to think of forever. Do you suppose it’s talking about the place Jesus is preparing for us? (We learnt that in Kid’s Church last year – it’s in John 14:2) We can’t see that yet, but it will last forever! Lots to think about.

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