DAY 16 - 20th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Today is such an exciting day! Do you remember that I mentioned our friend Jamie? Well, Auntie Joy has written all about our adventures meeting him, and how special he is to us. Today the book is being published. How weird is it, that there is a book out there about our little family? Jack and Theo were upset that the book is mainly my story, but when they read it, and Jack saw how funny he was, he was happy. And when Theo saw that he was on the front cover, he was delighted. (Can you see him, holding the red truck?) They still want Auntie Joy to write a book about them. She said we’ll have to wait and see. If you like my blogs, you can buy the book – obviously the book is better than a little blog, because I just write these when I get home from school.

Not much else has been happening this week – although it feels like it has been the longest week in the world. Last night I was feeling really upset and angry. Not about anything in particular, just about everything. I had a good cry and an early night, and today I’m feeling much better.

School was OK today. We are working on a special project at school. It’s called a Lockdown Christmas Parcel. The idea is that we make up games and quiz questions and send them to family and friends who we would usually spend Christmas with. We have to be really creative, because we can’t just pop to the shops and buy socks for the men, we have to think of things they might actually enjoy getting. Then we will send out the parcel, with STRICT instructions not to open it until we are on our Christmas Day zoom call. We will all open the parcels together and do the quizzes and the games together. It’s not as good as being together, but it tells the special people in our lives that we care and have been thinking about them.

We don’t really have a big family. So I’m not sure who to make my parcels for. My teacher said it doesn’t need to be family, but I did feel a little sad when everyone else had lots of people to send their parcels to. We have a boy who’s just joined our class from Syria, he’s called Khaled. He doesn’t have much family either, so I decided to work with him. Maybe we can make parcels for each other’s family and become friends. (He doesn’t speak very much English, but he can speak 3 other languages – Arabic, Kurdish and some Turkish – He’s really smart!)

We decided the first thing we would put in our parcel was a recipe. I will add a recipe for some special Christmas food. Khaled said that he doesn’t really celebrate Christmas, but their food is very different to ours and he thinks I’ll like it. So he’s going to get his mum to write down a recipe. Christmas is looking very different this year.

The verse I read this morning was 2 Corinthians 4:17. It kinda made me laugh, and Mum had to explain it to me. It said “These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us.” Mum explained that ‘small potatoes’ means not important. That makes sense, if you think of small potatoes compared to a huge chocolate cake – which one is better?! So, our difficult times are “small potatoes” compared to the good times coming. Mum explained that this isn’t talking about Christmas or anything like that. It’s talking about when we meet Jesus and get to have a huge party with Him. Every time someone was a bit grumpy today, or I was upset about something, or disappointed, I said to myself ‘Small Potatoes!’ and it made me laugh a bit, reminded me of heaven, and made me feel much better. I love how reading the Bible really can help you feel better.

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