DAY 14 - 18th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I’m so embarrassed – Mum read my blog! Remember the other day, when I was upset about Christmas and stuff. Well, Mum read it. (I was really angry – but she said it was a blog, not a personal diary, and if I wanted to keep things private I shouldn’t put them on the internet.)

Anyway, Mum called another family meeting (I told you we had them often) and asked all of us to say or write down what we look forward to about Christmas. We couldn’t just say ‘presents and food’, we had to be really specific. So I wrote down the special food I had mentioned in the blog. Jack thought for the longest time and finally said that he enjoys opening presents. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it can just be normal stuff like a toothbrush and new pyjamas, but he seeing and opening the wrapped gifts! Theo said that this year he wants to buy presents for us, not just get presents from us. He doesn’t have any money, but neither do I – Mum helps me buy presents for the boys, I think that’s what Theo means.

Mum asked Uncle Matt what he wanted, and he seemed quite surprised to be asked – he has so much to learn about family meetings. He said that he wasn’t really expecting anything, but that they do have a great tradition in Poland that he would like us to do. He said that at the Christmas table there was always an empty space, in case anyone was lonely or homeless and turned up on the doorstep needing a meal. Jack, Theo and I looked at each other, I think we were all remembering our friend Jamie. I choked up a little and thought I was going to cry. Fortunately Jack was able to speak for all of us. ‘We think that’s a great idea! We’ll definitely do that – even if we have squish up around the table.’

Theo put his hand on Mum’s. ‘What you want, Mummy?’

Mum looked at him, then at Jack and me, then at Uncle Matt. ‘I think I’ll just be happy having the family around me.’

I rolled my eyes. ‘Yes, but what do you REALLY want, Mum?’

‘Well, you kids don’t know this, but I keep a diary, like your blog, Sienna. And when I am feeling a bit low, I read it back and remind myself of the good times that we have had together. Maybe you kids could each write something I could put in my diary, or draw me one of your special pictures, Theo. I’d love to have your kind words to read back when I feel tired or sad.’

That sounds like a really good idea. I think this year will be very different to last year. The other day, someone from the government (the one who always wears a pink tie) said that the lockdown may go on longer than December 2nd. I guess I don't mind too much, as long as I can still go to school and see my friends there. But it's probably a good idea for us to start thinking that Christmas might be very different. Maybe with less busy-ness this year, we might all have more time to think about Jesus.

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