DAY 10 - 14th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Did you crack the code? All the vowels had fallen out of the main clue. Clue 1 told us to go to where the hoover lived. When we got there, there was another clue and we ended up running all round the house. The final clue took us outside. Uncle Matt had hung a sheet on the washing line, and had a couple of torches and some shapes he had cut out of paper. We used them to make a light puppet show. It reminded me of the scene near the beginning of The Greatest Showman.

Today Uncle Matt said he would take the boys to the park, and I went round to Mrs Smith’s. Uncle Matt told Mum that he wanted her to have the whole day in the house on her own, resting! I think she was pleased. She gave him a big hug.

Mrs Smith taught me another stitch and how to read a pattern. I think I’m nearly ready to start her tea cosy. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to buy any wool, but when I told her I wanted wool to make a Christmas present, she told me to look in the wardrobe in the spare room. It was FULL of wool. (Mrs Smith says it is her ‘stash’.) She let me take whatever I wanted it. I've had such a fun day, I almost forgot to blog, I was so busy crocheting. This might be the best day I've had since we went into Level 2 restrictions and weren’t allowed to visit friends. (Although Mrs Smith is in our Bubble, so that’s OK!)

I wonder what the boys are up to – they aren’t home yet. Mum called Uncle Matt, and he said they would be home in the next half an hour. Better go and help Mum make tea for when they come back. Mum said she’s had the best day. She had a bath and read a book. Sounds dull to me, but she seemed happy. She said she couldn’t remember the last time she had a whole day to rest and do what she wanted. I’m glad Uncle Matt is here to help Mum out!

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