Day 1 - 5th November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Well, today went better than I expected.

At school we had time to talk about our feelings and I was really surprised to hear that everyone was worried about the same stuff. (No one in our class was too worried about Santa getting COVID, but we were concerned he wouldn’t be able to get us as much stuff as usual if all the good shops are shut!)

Our teacher was great. She listened really carefully and didn’t tell us we were silly. She seemed to understand, and that kinda made me feel better.

Tonight is Bonfire Night, and we can’t go to any parties, like we normally would. But I’m still excited. Mum's bought toffee apples and we've got some long sparklers. We'll light them in the back garden with Mrs Smith. (She is part of our ‘Bubble’ because she lives alone and doesn’t have any family close by,) Jack and Theo want to light a fire, but Mum isn’t too sure. I will help Mum make hot chocolate with marshmallows. For a lockdown bonfire night - it won’t be too bad!

I was surprised how many cars were on the road today – it wasn’t like last lockdown. Everywhere was like a ghost town back then. This time, there are still people around, lots of cars, quite a few shops are open – more than last time. Maybe it’s not going to be so bad. The parks are still open too – and we stopped off to let the boys play after school.

At the park I saw a man with a dog. He had a long stick, with a cup-thing on the end. He put the ball in the cup and threw it for the dog. It went a really long way. It reminded me of that verse in the Bible:

Perfect Loves casts out all fear.

Maybe Jesus’ love is like that stick – and lets us throw the fear so so far away.

Dear Jesus, You see my fear about Christmas and not having so many Christmas presents. I want you to throw that fear far away. Please show me how your Perfect Love can deal with that fear. Amen.

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