3 days to go!! 29 November 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

After we’d eaten our Advent Calendar chocolates today, we realised there are only three more chocolates left – On Wednesday, restrictions will lift. Mum explained that life still won’t be ‘normal’ like last year (if anyone can even remember what that felt like), but at least we’ll be able to go out a bit more, meet friends in the park, maybe go back to church again.

But for today, church was on Zoom. I didn’t want to go. I told Mum I had a headache, but she didn’t believe me. Usually I want to go, but I realised I hadn’t read my Bible once all week, and I didn’t want to let Alison down, or make her think I don’t love Jesus. I had been thinking about Him a lot, I just hadn’t actually read any new verses.

When we got on the call, the first thing Jack said was ‘Sienna hasn’t read the Bible this week, Alison. That’s not good, is it?’ I felt my face and neck go hot and I wanted to cry. I couldn’t say anything because all the words were stuck in my throat.

Alison smiled, ‘Do you know, Jack, sometimes I don’t read the Bible all week. Do you think God is cross with me about that?’

Jack was stuck for a minute. I knew he didn’t want to say anything bad to Alison. I heard Mia gasp in the background – as though Alison had just said the worst thing in the world.

‘Jack,’ Alison continued, ‘do I love you?’

‘Of course you do!’ Jack’s confidence made everyone laugh.

‘How many times have we talked this week?’

‘Well, we talked last Sunday, but we haven’t talked since then.’

‘So, do I love you less because I haven’t talked to you all week.’

‘No,’ I could see Jack was really thinking about it. ‘But there is lots of stuff that happened this week, that I haven’t told you about. And I think if we went lots of weeks without telling each other the little things, it’d be a bit difficult to find something to chat about when we did get to talk again.’

Alison clapped her hands and laughed. ‘Perfect, Jack, I couldn’t have said it better. It’s the same with God. When we are talking to Him, telling Him the little things, letting His word affect our normal lives, our friendship with Him gets stronger. One week doesn’t make much of a difference, but two or three weeks might. Maybe we can all make more of an effort this week.’

I felt much better than I thought I would. I’m determined to make more of an effort this week!

PS: Uncle Matt sat in on Zoom Kid's Church. He sat on the sofa and pretended he was reading a book. But I know he was listening really because he didn't turn the page in the whole 40 minutes of Kid's Church. I think he's really thinking about God.

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