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April 2021

I'm very excited to share with you that new books are in the pipeline - yes, that is BOOKS (plural!)

Keep coming back and checking the news.

I'll bring you more news when I can.

Also, we have launched a SHOP!

The Treasure Man is now available to buy on this website,

and watch the shops for new books soon!

January 2021

Books to Missionary Kids

Thanks to the generosity of some of our biggest fans, copies of The Treasure Man were sent out to Missionary Kids all over the world.  In total, 9 books were sent, which hopefully will reach and bless a huge total of 40 children. Please pray these books arrive safely at their destinations.

Interviews and blogs

This month I have had a couple of amazing opportunities to promote The Treasure Man. Instant Apostle, who I published with, interviewed me about my inspirations. You can read the blog by clicking on the logo to the right.


Following this interview, I was contacted by a fellow author, also called Joy, who has her first book coming out with Instant Apostle next month. Joy Margetts kindly reviewed The Treasure Man for her blog. Click on The Healing, to read the review, and to find out more about this exciting new book.

November - December 2020

The Launch of The Treasure Man

On 20th November 2020, GLO bookshop, Motherwell, kindly hosted the launch of 'The Treasure Man'. The launch was held on-line, after the imposition of Level 4 restrictions, but it was still a really great time. I loved having the chance to hear Readers' questions and to read Chapter 5 - where Sienna, Jack and Theo first meet Jamie.

If you weren't able to attend the event live, I have posted the video below. Enjoy!

October - November 2020

Sienna's Lockdown Blog

During Lockdown 2.0, I blogged on behalf of Sienna (the main character from The Treasure Man) occasionally interrupted by her younger brother, Jack. For fans of The Treasure Man, the daily posts gave more of an insight into this little family and introduced some new friends. During Lockdown, Sienna battled with her fears and worked hard to apply scripture to her everyday life. Why not check it out on Sienna's Blog Page?